Support Our Parks 


If the walls of the Fallasburg Covered Bridge could talk they would tell stories of happy couples celebrating their wedding day as they start their new life together. The baseball diamonds at Brewer Park would share tales of exciting games won and lessons learned through loss. And if the benches along our trails were to open up they would reveal the secrets of life that have been passed down from grandparent to grandchild while taking a moment's rest. 

Thanks to the support of generous donors, our 38 Kent County Parks have been the venue where generations of families have forged cherished memories with their loved ones. 

The population of Kent County has tripled since our park system was created, yet we still depend on those earliest parks to meet the needs of our growing community.  Now is the time for us to reinvest in our green spaces. With your help the Kent County Parks Foundation will continue to play an integral role in expanding and enhancing our current parks, creating new parks, and growing our regional trail system. 


The Kent County Parks Foundation enriches lives by preserving county open spaces and growing our parks and trail systems.